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Marlec’s innovative Solar iBoost+ enables you to consume excess energy your solar panels generate automatically. Just sit back and join over 70,000 homeowners who already enjoy the extra savings from free hot water!

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Frequently asked questions

How much do commercial solar panels cost?

We can’t give you an accurate idea of how much your project will cost without understanding the depths and breadths of your situation. However, the main expenses when installing a solar panel system for your business are the panels and the inverters. Larger systems may have slightly higher installation costs. Commercial solar panel installation costs around £0.20p per watt fitted, totaling approximately £2,000 (excl. VAT) for a 10kW system.

Once the initial installation costs are paid, there are minimal additional expenses. If you want an accurate estimation of how much money your project will cost, get a quick and easy quote now.

How long do commercial solar panels last?

Solar panels tend to stop working at their optimal rate after 25 and 30 years. However, you may experience issues after five or so years because of a faulty solar PV inverter, which has a much shorter lifespan. These inverters play a really crucial role in converting the energy harnessed by the panels into electricity that powers your home. 

Luckily they can be replaced without costing the earth, and we can get your panels back up and running without a fuss. If you are experiencing a problem with your inverter, contact us soon.

How much money will my business save in energy bills if we go solar?

This depends on a few things, such as the size of your premises and how much sunlight your building gets.

For context though, commercial solar PV energy production costs an average of 5p per kWh, whereas businesses currently pay suppliers between 11p and 15p per kWh. Investing in commercial solar panels is worthwhile even at current prices. Considering the current rapidly increasing cost of energy in the UK, there couldn’t be a better time to make the switch.

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