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Replace your solar PV inverter now

Solar PV inverters are a very important part of your solar PV system, so if they stop working, it can leave you out in the cold. With our solar PV inverter replacement service, we can replace your inverter in no time, powering up your home or business again as soon as possible.

Replace your solar inverter

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Have you noticed a red light on your inverter? Is there no electricity being generated from your system? Get a replacement inverter as soon as possible. Here’s why you should go for us:

  • Our reliable price guarantee ensures that you won’t be hit by any surprise costs or be forced to pay over the odds for your new inverter.
  • All of our expert solar PV engineers are manufacturer trained and approved, so you are always guaranteed the best service from start to finish
  • Our diagnostic checks help with the maintenance of your inverter, monitoring when efficiencies drop and getting your system working at its best again in no time.
  • We are contactable 24/7 and ready to get your home and business powered up again following a broken inverter.

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Why might a solar PV inverter need replacing?

Like all technology, solar PV inverters have a limited lifespan, but they are critical components of the entire system so when they go, they need replacing as soon as possible. There are a few reasons why your inverter may not be working:

  • The inverter has reached its lifespan. Solar PV inverters have a lifespan of around 5 years. After this time, they may start to degrade and may need to be replaced.
  • The inverter has been damaged. The inverter can be damaged by lightning, storms, or other natural disasters. It can also be damaged by physical impact, such as a fall or a collision.
  • The inverter is not working properly. The inverter may not be working properly if it is producing less power than it should be, or if it is not converting the DC power from the solar panels into AC power that can be used by the grid or by appliances in your home.
  • You want to upgrade your system. If you are upgrading your solar PV system, you may also need to upgrade your inverter. This is because the new system may require a different type of inverter, or it may require a larger inverter.

Our FAQs

Take a look through some of the questions we get asked about our replacement inverters service. Be sure to get in touch with our team if you have another question and we will be more than happy to help.

How much does a solar inverter cost?

The cost of a solar inverter depends on a number of factors, including the size of the inverter, the type of inverter, and the brand of inverter. For more information on how much your specific inverter replacement will cost, visit out online store here.

What are the different types of solar inverters?

There are two main types of solar inverters:

String inverters: String inverters convert the DC power from all of the solar panels in a system into AC power

Microinverters: Microinverters convert the DC power from each solar panel into AC power.

What size solar inverter do I need?

The size of the solar inverter you need depends on the size of your solar panel system. The inverter must be able to handle the maximum amount of power that your solar panel system can produce. We will be able to determine the exact size of solar inverter you need for your specific situation.

What are the benefits of upgrading my solar inverter?

There are a number of benefits to upgrading your solar inverter, including:

Increased efficiency: Upgrading to a newer inverter can increase the efficiency of your solar panel system. This can lead to lower electricity bills and a faster return on investment.

Improved performance: A newer inverter can improve the performance of your solar panel system. This can lead to increased power output and better reliability.

Extended lifespan: A newer inverter can extend the lifespan of your solar panel system. This can save you money on replacement costs.

How can I extend the lifespan of my solar inverter?

There are a number of things you can do to extend the lifespan of your solar inverter, including:

Regular maintenance: It is important to have your solar inverter regularly maintained by a qualified technician. This will help to identify and repair any problems early on, before they cause major damage.

Proper installation: It is important to have your solar inverter properly installed by a qualified technician. This will help to ensure that the inverter is properly ventilated and protected from the elements.

Avoid overloading: It is important to avoid overloading your solar inverter. This can be done by installing the correct size inverter for your solar panel system and by not connecting too many appliances to the inverter at once.

Keep it cool: Inverters work best when they are kept cool. If your inverter is located in a hot environment, you may need to install a cooling system.

By following these tips, you can extend the lifespan of your solar inverter and save money on replacement costs.


Replace your solar inverter now

Get your solar PV system back up and running as soon as possible by getting your faulty inverter replaced by one of our expert engineers now. Reach out to our team and get your home or business back up and running in no time.